‘You Don’t Have Right To Obstruct’: Former FBI Agent Rips Anti-Israel Protests Blocking Major Routes

Former FBI agent Nicole Parker on Monday said anti-Israel protesters blocking traffic on the Golden Gate Bridge as well as other major roadways were likely breaking the law.

The protesters want to halt American taxpayer money from flowing to Israel, as well as cease providing the country with weapons in its war against terrorist group Hamas, organizers say, according to ABC7 News. The protesters in San Francisco, Chicago and New York City could be causing safety issues, including blocking first responders and law enforcement from executing their duties, Parker asserted on Fox News.


“Obviously, people have their First Amendment rights. They can speak up,” Parker said. “But you don’t have the right to inconvenience others. You don’t have the right to cause danger or potential violence. You don’t have the right to obstruct first responders and law enforcement from doing their job. As we watch the images on the screen, this is an absolute nightmare for law enforcement. But they’re looking at it from a very different perspective. Obviously people are inconvenienced, but law enforcement, they’re always looking at safety, and they’re looking at the safety of the citizens and potential threat that could be going on right here.”

“The most important thing obviously is to contain the scene,” Parker added. “You’ve got a scene where you got a bridge. No one can even move. It’s completely locked down. Law enforcement is concerned about potential threats.”

Hundreds of protesters also mobbed the Brooklyn Bridge on Monday afternoon, the New York Post reported. The demonstrators caused traffic issues and the New York Police Department made several arrests

An analogous group of protesters on Monday morning temporarily halted traffic on a freeway going to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, The Associated Press reported, as demonstrators participate in an “economic blockade to free Palestine.”

“The golden gate bridge is iconic. Okay, that is a prime time target if there was to be a potential danger or attack,” Parker said. “So law enforcement is looking at that extremely closely right now  … You have your right to speak up, but you don’t have the right to inconvenience or cause danger to other citizens.”

The Iranian military on Saturday launched a drone attack on Israel following an Israeli airstrike taking out senior Iranian military commanders, and American troops shot a portion of them down, a defense official told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Demonstrators in Dearborn, Michigan, recently chanted “death to America” at the International Al-Quds Day Rally, where activist Tarek Bazzi alleged America is one of the most “rottenest countries.”

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