Sean Penn Likens Coronavirus Pandemic To ‘Active Shooter Situation’

Wikimedia Commons, By seher sikandar

Left wing activist and actor Sean Penn compared the ongoing Coroanvirus pandemic to an “Active Shooter Situation” while arguing that economic concerns are merely a distraction. As The Daily Wire reports:

“I don’t think we need to attach a face, a personality, or what somebody was sending on their social media to be able to identify an active shooter,” Penn said during an appearance on “The View.”

“An active shooter is anything that is continuing to kill people, and our brothers and sisters and fathers and daughters and sons,” he continued. “This is — this virus is the active shooter, and if we were — I think that if we could wrap our head around it in that way and understand that it’s principally putting in the radical people of color, elderly people, indigenous people, but randomly selecting all of us, that we need to huddle around and make very clear decisions on how to approach this thing.”

On the issue of the economy, Penn said that the conversation will lead to a disrespect of those dying and the hospital workers fighting the pandemic.

“The attitude is without caution or without respect of those dead, dying, the hospital workers, and the science of this,” Penn said of those in favor reopening the economy. “This is a continuing problem, and it seems there’s just too much distraction.”

Penn has long been a stalwart supporter of a plethora of far-lelft causes.

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