Animal Shelter Demands Customers Agree With them on Gun Control

Wikimedia Commons, By St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office

An animal shelter located in Southern California has now announced that it will now refuse to go through with any pet adoption unless the potential owner agrees with them on gun control.

As The Daily Wire reports:

An animal shelter in Southern California has made it very clear that if you want to adopt a pet from their center, you must stand with their beliefs on gun control or “we will not adopt a pet to you.”

The Shelter Hope Pet Shop in Thousand Oaks added a question for their potential pet adopters that they must answer if they want a pet from the shelter. The question reads, “Where do you stand on gun control?” The Hill reported in a piece published Thursday. The owner of the shop, Kim Sill, shared that the shop doesn’t “support” those who believe the Second Amendment means the “right to buy assault weapons.”

“We believe that if we can make our voices heard on how we feel, we can make an impact,” the Shelter Hope Pet Shop owner wrote on the website. “We do not support those who believe that the 2nd amendment gives them the right to buy assault weapons. If your beliefs are not in line with ours, we will not adopt a pet to you.”

“Thank you for the kind and thoughtful comments on this post,” the shop’s message on Facebook later read about the policy. “To the many angry humans who posted comments here I will say it again: I should not have to carry a gun to protect my shelter and to protect my staff, animals and volunteers.”

A number of individuals soon posted message on the shelter’s social media site criticizing the decision soon after the announcement occured.

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