Comedian Andy Dick’s Arrest In A Trailer Park Gets Live Streamed

Wikimedia Commons, By Thomas Wolf

Troubled actor Andy Dick was arrested for felony sexual battery in a California trailer park on Wednesday.

Dick’s arrest by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department was live streamed on YouTube by Captain Content’s RV, and deputies were seen handcuffing the comedian and taking him into custody. Once he was secured, their search of his trailer was also caught on camera according to TMZ.  

Dick, 56, was accused of sexually assaulting another man at the trailer park he has been living in with a group of content streamers. Police collected the man’s pants for evidence and he was transported to a local hospital to conduct an assault examination of his body. 

The incident mark’s the “Road Trip” star’s latest brush with the law while residing in a trailer. Last month, the actor and his roommate, a YouTube personality called Wappy Flanker, were in the middle of a live stream when an argument broke out with an unwelcome guest. 

Wappy brandished a pistol and told the visitor to get out, while Dick pleaded, “Don’t shoot the gun.” A YouTube viewer called the police after witnessing the incident, and local authorities performed a welfare check. The performer assured them he was safe, and no one was arrested. 

Dick himself has had plenty of drug and alcohol fueled encounters with law enforcement throughout his career. He was arrested for indecent exposure at a McDonalds in 2004, then pleaded guilty to misdemeanor battery in 2008, for exposing the breasts of a 17-year-old girl when he pulled down her tank top.  

The comedian groped a bartender and patron at a West Virginia watering hole in 2010, but avoided jail time by successfully completing a six-month long pretrial diversion program that led prosecutors to dismiss criminal charges. He had back to back groping charges in 2018 and 2019, and was arrested for felony assault with a deadly weapon in 2021.

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