Comedian Says Making Kids Wear Masks Is About ‘Crate Training’ ‘Good Subjects’

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Comedian Adam Carolla believes that forcing children into a mask isn’t to protect them from COVID-19, but to mold them into “good subjects.”

Podcast host Megyn Kelly asked Carolla, 57, why he thought that Los Angeles school districts were pushing to keep kids’ faces covered for the rest of the school year, despite mask mandates being dropped across the country.

Corolla said the district and teachers’ unions were “a bunch of cowards,” and claimed there was “no science to what they are doing,” when adults are allowed to go maskless.

“Why, why the kids and why the emphasis on the kids,” Carolla questioned. “This hasn’t been dangerous for kids. We’ve known this. This kills sick people, old people, obese people, comorbidity people. It doesn’t ostensibly effect kids, they’re in the safest category.” 

He said that the phrase “crate training” described why politicians are fixating on children. 

“You cannot train a dog when it’s middle aged. You got to get them when they’re puppies,” Carolla pointed out. “And get them trained up and into that crate. And that’s what we’re doing with kids. Because this will not be the last emergency. And it will not be the last time the government and the governor and the mayor need to exact their power.”

“And so, ‘let’s get the kids into the crate,’” he concluded. “‘Let’s get them coached up. And then they’ll be ours. We can do whatever we want with them after that, they’ll listen to anything. They’ll be good subjects.’”

Kelly concurred with his take, and added that there was a time to comply at the beginning of the pandemic, but as it dragged on, even Democrats have realized that “this is nonsense,” and “this is a time to fight.”

Watch Tuesday’s episode of “The Megyn Kelly Show” below. Carolla’s remarks begin at the 40:30 mark.

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