Dee Snider Defends Stance On Sex Reassignment For Minors

Photo edit of Dee Snider. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Dee Snider. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Dee Snider, the former lead vocalist of ‘Twisted Sister,’ recently expressed his disapproval of gender transition surgery for minors. He argues that allowing children to make significant medical decisions at a young age is a sign of negligent parenting. While some critics have labeled Snider as a “transphobe,” he believes in encouraging what he refers to as the “vast middle” of Americans to resist endorsing extreme viewpoints.Snyder voiced his opposition to allowing impressionable children to undergo sex reassignment surgeries and hormone therapies, highlighting the enduring and potentially life-threatening side effects associated with these procedures.

Snider emphasizes the vital importance of the broader society in preventing a vocal minority from overpowering the narrative. He urges the majority to oppose these oppressive tactics. It is crucial to recognize that numerous Americans do not discriminate against the LGBTQ community. However, the policy of advocating for sex reassignment surgeries on minors is endorsed by a small, repugnant group of self-proclaimed advocates.

In a candid discussion with Fox News, Snider expressed:

“I’ve recently stated I do not believe young children are ready to decide their gender allocation. I believe their choices should be supported and accepted by their parents, but I do not think kids have the mental capabilities to make rational, logical decisions on things of a magnitude that will affect them for the rest of their lives.”

Adding, “If you’re willing to accept any negotiation or any compromise, you’re in the middle, because [with] the extreme right and left there is no compromise. Look what happened to me. You know, I said one thing I disagreed with, and I’m transphobic.”

“Don’t accept any of this from any of them! Push back! We are the true majority, we are the vast majority, and we need to have the bigger voice. Don’t let the loudest voices in the room be the bullying minority.”

Dee Snider’s recent expression of concern regarding sex reassignment surgeries for minors has ignited a lively debate and faced allegations of being “transphobic.” Nevertheless, Snider remains resolute in his belief that permitting young children to make life-altering decisions about their gender identity reflects irresponsible parenting. Snider firmly asserts that his views are not rooted in transphobia but rather align with the majority of Americans who prioritize safeguarding children over appeasing the transgender community and its activists.

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