Disney Stars Slam Company’s Reaction To Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay Bill’

Wikimedia Commons, by Jrobertiko: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Walt_Disney_World_Resort_entrance.jpg

Woke Disney employees staged company-wide walkouts on Tuesday, after CEO Bob Chapek initially refused to denounce a Florida bill that would restrict in-classroom instruction about sexual orientation and gender identity until children reach the fourth grade. 

The House of Mouse scrambled to walk back their position by opposing the legislation in a Tuesday Facebook post, but liberal Hollywood is out for blood. 

Here Disney employed celebs’ scathing responses: 

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2 years ago

Disney is so woke and that’s not a good thing. Whoever originally decided not to oppose the bill should have stuck to his/her guns. Do these idiots even read the bills? They never do. If they did they would realize how much sense they make. Everyone who supports these bills is not against the gay/lesbian community. Just again harming our children with things they should not know about until they are older and better able to understand.