Dr. Oz Wants To Debate ‘Petty Tyrant’ Fauci About COVID

By David Shankbone - Shankbone, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=11597475

Dr. Mehmet Oz, challenged “petty tyrant” Dr. Anthony Fauci to a debate over how the president’s chief medical advisor has guided the country through the pandemic. 

The former daytime television host and current Republican Senate candidate, posted a campaign ad on social media calling out Fauci for his failures. 

“It’s past time Fauci faces the fact that he got COVID wrong. So, doctor to doctor – let’s debate. This Doctor is in, are you?” Dr. Oz tweeted on Thursday. 

The accompanying video shows clips of liberal celebrities and media pundits lauding Fauci, before Oz appears to berate him. “Dr. Fauci, instead of letting the sycophantic media fawn all over you, let’s talk facts,” the cardiothoracic surgeon begins. “You got COVID wrong.”

“Let’s get the facts straight here. You and me,” he challenged. “Let’s have a debate, doctor to doctor, and give the American people the truth about COVID-19. I’m game. Anytime. Anywhere. Dr. Fauci, are you in?”


Oz explained that he wants to debate Fauci on vaccine mandates, scarce therapeutics, and natural immunity during an appearance on Newsmax’s “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Thursday.

He said Fauci is “the J. Edgar Hoover of public health. He’s a petty tyrant that has had all kinds of interactions with the media and uses them as allies to shut down dissent and debate. It’s shameful.”

Oz alleged that it is “gross incompetence” and “borderline malpractice” that we “don’t have solutions” to effectively end the pandemic by now.  

“Older Americans were vulnerable by this virus, but the vast majority of people, of course, aren’t, it’s relatively benign,” he concluded. “But older Americans are at risk if we cannot get them life-saving solutions that have been around for more than a year.”

The cardiothoracic surgeon recently ended his hit series, “The Dr. Oz Show,” to campaign for the Pennsylvania Senate seat Republican Senator Pat Toomey is stepping down from at the end of  this term.

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