Hollywood Producer Steve Bing Takes Own Life By Jumping From Tall Building

Famed Hollywood produced and father of actress Liz Hurley’s child Steve Bing committed suicide on Monday by jumping from the 27th floor in Los Angeles.

As TMZ reports:



  1. What a coward. Born with a golden spoon up his back side and couldn’t handle life! I feel sorry for his kids, not him!

  2. How sad some people are so fragile they cannot handle a little diversity in their lives. All Covid has meant for me is cheaper gas prices. I have been amused at the items being hoarded or for other reasons are in shortage. First, it was toilet paper, then I noticed chicken off the shelves followed by pork. Now it seems to be dish soap, at least the Dawn dish soap. It’s also comical how some people wear masks or how even the medical professionals don’t have quality masks or know how to adjust the wires in the nose piece of their masks. All and all, this experience has been a source of amusement for me.

  3. are you sure it wasn’t BLM or Antifa, or worse yet a black cop that pushed him. Who cares, he’s a Hollywood Disgrace.

    • You beat me to that comment. Only Holyweird people get a headline saying their suicide was “Dramatic”. Must mean someone else wrote his line Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh splat. Wonder if his drama coach rehearsed the line with him.

    • Michael, I believe you are on to something here. Maybe the FBI can send 15 agents to investigate. Oh, that’s right there was no noose involved, only gravity.

  4. I guess you could say that Bing “made his mark”… sorry, NOT SORRY! Another Libtard done and done! So many more to go! SMH!

  5. Good news this. Bing was a Lieutenant of George Soros. I’ll bet some pro-America operatives threw the commie b. turd off the roof.


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