Ice-T Goes Viral for Voicing Pain at the Gas Pump

By Sven Mandel - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Law and Order: SVU” star Ice-T went viral on Twitter for hilariously posting that he had been “robbed” at an East Coast gas station while filling up his car.

“I was robbed at a gas station in NJ last night. After my hands stopped trembling.. I managed to call the cops and they were quick to respond and calmed me down…. My money is gone.. the police asked me if I knew who did it..I said yes.. it was pump number 9…” The rapper wrote

The viral tweet was liked more than 770,000 times and gained over 100,000 retweets the same day. The user replies were a mixed bag of humor and hate for the post. 

“Sir, can you identify the perp from these mugshots?” A Twitter user joked. 

“Sounds more like a sex crime, cause you got f—ed at pump #9 … call Benson and Stabler!” another riffed off his hit series. “Now you know NOBODY is robbing Ice T except a gas pump!” A fan remarked.

One user shared a meme of a gas pump being used to hold a man up, who replied, “Not again. I was just robbed at the grocery store.” 

Some of the comments turned political, and called out the actor for supporting Democrats. “Yo Ice T, turns out the man who robbed you is your boy. Gotta tighten up that circle! Who’d a thought selling your soul could be so expensive,” one replier captioned along with a photo of Ice-T and President Biden.

While others touted electric vehicles as the solution. “How are you not driving a Model S Plaid with a rooftop full of solar? Free fuel for life,” commented a Tesla driver. 

A few repliers explained how average Americans are suffering. “Now imagine an average middle class person having to do this week after week,” someone else pointed out. 

“I love when the rich complain about paying higher prices. Let’s ask someone in Ukraine if they give a shit about your problems,” replied a hater. 

While others complained that his joke was tackless. “How many people go thru actually getting robbed and you make a joke of it? this isn’t funny,” someone with no sense of humor wrote.

Gas prices in New Jersey averaged at $4.20 for regular and $4.78 for premium. California has the highest prices in the country, with regular averaging at $5.82 a gallon and premium ringing in at an eye watering $6.21.

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