Kristie Alley Backtracks On Fake War Tweet After Backlash From DWTS Partner

By photo by Alan Light, CC BY 2.0,

Actress Kristie Alley repeated that she would pray for Ukraine after deleting a tweet about the country’s military conflict with Russia, when former Dancing With the Stars partner, Maks Chmerkovskiy called her out for an ignorant tweet.

“I don’t know what’s real or what is fake in this war. So I won’t be commenting. I’ll pray instead,” Alley, 71, wrote in a since deleted post. 

Chmerkovskiy, 42, who is a native Ukrainian that has been documenting the conflict on social media while being trapped in the country’s capital Kyiv, called out his ex-DWTS dancing partner in an Instagram story over the weekend. 

“Dear Kirstie, We haven’t spoken in a while, but I clearly remember being right next to you while you were organizing trucks of aid during hurricane Sandy and I remember all that you were saying to me about situations where innocent are suffering,” he wrote. 

“That same energy is needed right now….No one needs your prayer if you don’t know what’s real or fake,” he concluded. 

Alley seemingly responded to the post in a profanity-laden tirade on Sunday.  

“I don’t care what the punk a– t—s say. I believe in the power of prayer. I will continue to pray for the people of Ukraine. Putin is a c__t and a coward and I’ll pray his own soldiers refuse to do his dirty work. PS, I pray to the same God you do. So get over your nasty selves,” she tweeted.

When a follower responded, “She would pray,” Alley replied: “Actually if they “whoever they are” We’re breaking in my house I would kill them. And Pray later.”

Chmerkovskiy has continued to post updates from the conflict. In his most recent video message, the DWTS pro appeared visibly distraught and admitted to being “tired” and “stressed,” but said that he was in a very safe place and the situation was “nuts.” 

In his latest post, the dancer posted a video of unarmed Ukrainian citizens congregating in the middle of a road to stop the advance of oncoming Russian tanks.

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