Playboy Model Booted From Miami Mall For Nutcracker Stunt

Wikimedia Commons, By Ahmet Yalçınkaya

A Playboy model was reportedly removed from a mall in Miami for traipsing around the mezzanine in a naughty Nutcracker costume.

Francia James, 30, only wore red thigh high boots, a hat, and a thong, while the rest of her ample assets were covered up with red, gold, and black body paint. Her breasts were painted with gold leaves, while each nipple was capped with red jewels in the racy display.

James, a Colombian-born Playboy model, was filmed outside of Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga stores handing out nuts to men who appeared to be ogling her barely there costume. 

“You want a nut? You can take a nut,” she asked male patrons. “Are you sure? It’s no nut November.” One man cracked that he had “already failed” the internet challenge, where people refrain from masturbating for the entire month of November.

After James offered snacks to several men, a no nonsense security guard told the model and her camera person they had to get off the premises. “I can’t believe I got kicked out! I always get kicked out!” James huffed as she strode away. 

“How many times did you fail this November 0-100?” She captioned the Instagram video. The post was liked more than 129,000 times by her 9.2 million followers. One commenter replied that he had “failed the first day,” while another said he failed “so many” times he couldn’t even count.

James’ Instagram feed is famous for racy pinup pics and sultry stunts. She went viral in 2019 for filming a video outside of the Miami Police Department with fellow models, Julianne Kissinger and Maddy Belle, who were all marched to the front door in lingerie and handcuffs by police officer William Beeker.  

“Do you like bad girls or good girls? Who’s gonna bail us out?” she captioned the post, which racked up more than 3.5 million views.  

Beeker was placed on leave from the force for participating in the video while he was on duty.

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