Poll Puts McConaughey Ahead Of Abbott And O’Rourke In Race For Texas Governor

By Moody College of Communication from Austin, USA - Matthew McConaughey and Scott Rice host conversation with film director and screenwriter Jeff Nichols., CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=86256727

Actor Matthew McConaughey beat GOP incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott and Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke in a recent poll that pitted the actor against both politicians head-to-head, but in a three way race for governor, Abbott would crush the competition.

Voters had a clear preference for “The Dallas Buyers Club” star when he faced off with the Republican and Democrat politicians individually, with McConaughey squarely beating Abbott 43% to 35%, and outclassing O’Rourke by 22 points at 49% to a weak 27%.

However, in a three-way scenario, McConaughey only edged ahead of O’Rourke by one point polling 27% to 26%, while Abbott trounced them both with 37 percentage points. 

The actor has been teasing the idea of running for governor of Texas for some time, but recently indicated he would end the speculation about his candidacy soon.

“It’s a whole new thing,” the 52-year-old said in response to an interviewer’s question if he has decided to enter the race. “I prepare for everything, I’m a big preparer. I am not until I am — OK? Is this something I’ve been thinking about for 20 years, and I know what I want to do, but I’m just holding on to my answer? No.” 

“It’s a new embassy of leadership that I have really been doing my diligence to study, to look into, to question what it is, what would it be for me. Not the question of, ‘Hey, do you think I could win?’ No. Let’s talk about what Texas politics is,” he continued. “Talk about a policy statement.”

“There’s great sacrifice that comes with a decision,” McConaughey concluded. “That’s what I’ve been doing, and there’s no tease to it. There’s me doing my diligence, and I will let you know shortly.”

McConaughey has not indicated if he would run as a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, but 40% of voters surveyed said they wanted him to enter the 2022 race for Texas governor.

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Bob L.
Bob L.
1 year ago

I and probably a lot more Texans don’t know enough about McConaughey to say they actually support him. Just popularity or name recognition is no reason to support any politician, you have to find out what those politicians really stand for, you might like them for their acting roles, but would hate what they represent in the real world – and there are several current popular actors who are as far out in left field as Bernie Sanders, they just aren’t loudly advertising it.

1 year ago

With all that Gov. Abbott has done for the state of Texas, I can’t see why anyone would want him gone — except of course — if you are a democrap and want Texas and our country flooded with unvetted and unvaxxed foreigners and happy with the total destruction that this illegitimate administration is trying to inflict on Texas and this country. You have a proven Governor in Abbott.

Jo Foley
Jo Foley
1 year ago

That just shows how mistaken polls can be. McConaughey is not nearly as liked in Texas as you think. He would not win. We do NOT trust him, and he would have no idea how to run a state. Any poll putting McConaughey in the race , was taken at liberal UT or liberal Dallas, not the rest of Texas.