Revealed: THIS Company Censored Jason Aldean’s #1 Song

Photo edit of Jason Aldean on stage.
Photo edit of Jason Aldean on stage.

Fox Broadcasting Company recently demanded the removal of footage from Jason Aldean’s music video “Try That in a Small Town,” which included scenes of violent Black Lives Matter (BLM) demonstrations.

As reported by TMZ, the production company initially sought Fox’s approval for the six-second news footage use. Fox, in turn, requested more information and was provided with a link to the song instead of written lyrics.

Following a week of deliberation, Fox issued a request to the production company for the removal of the BLM riot footage to sidestep potential legal repercussions. The production company obliged and re-edited the video, substituting the BLM riot scenes with additional shots of Aldean performing the song.

Nevertheless, the original version remains accessible on various social media platforms. The song has incited controversy for its depiction of the violent 2020 BLM riots and the surge in major city crimes. Critics, comprising left-leaning activists and corporate journalists, have attempted to censor the song. Jason Aldean, undeterred, continues to perform the contentious song before supportive crowds that chant “USA!” at his recent concerts.

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