Actress Busy Philipps Gushes Over Her Abortion That She Had at 15 Years Old While Slamming Sen. Lindsey Graham

After Senator Lindsey Graham proposed an abortion ban at 15 weeks’ gestation, actress Busy Philipps took to Instagram posting a photo of herself at 15 years old just moments after she had an abortion. Busy Philipps, in her egotistical state, spoke about how brave she was while accusing Sen. Graham of not being quite as brave.

In her Instagram post, the actress gushes with pride at her 15-year-old self who just had an abortion.

I’m 15, and this is after I had an abortion. I know. Look at my little face. I want to hug her, too. Look. I can’t say what my life would be like if I’d been forced to give birth; much like I can’t say what my life would be like had I decided to not show up for my freaks and geeks audition or not go out with Marc for dinner at Islands that night in 2005 or not decided to take a rental in New York for a few weeks in 2020. Life is a series of sliding doors. Some giant and some very small. There are legitimate and devastating medical reasons to enshrine abortion and bodily autonomy (My breath was taken away by the bravery of the woman who spoke up to Lindsay Graham today) and obviously rape. And incest. But ALSO! There is this: a CHOICE. HOW to live one’s life, what one believes, the ability to choose for yourself, as you see fit, in that particular moment WITHOUT the impute of total and complete strangers and their judgements or beliefs. It’s funny (it isn’t) that we’re rarely confronted with the sliding door moments that men have had. (Maybe that’s fed into their silence as our rights have been stripped?) I say this genuinely & honestly; I wonder what sliding door moments Lindsay Graham (and his like) have had in life? What led him to this point where he’s SO incapable of seeing anything outside his limited perspective? I wonder WHAT, in his sliding door moment (or moments), drove him to decide, “Actually- I know what’s right *for me*.” And I wonder *if* he had been held to the standard that all women are held to, would he have EVER been so bold? (And it goes without saying that the standard is *much* higher for my Black and Brown and trans girlfriends❤️) Would Mr. Graham have ended up where he is today? Declaring proudly, he “picked 15 weeks” (like he’s picking a damn fantasy team in baseball)? Refusing eye contact with a woman bereaved, even after all these years?

I doubt he would.

In fact. *I know* he wouldn’t be so brave. Well. I was. I am.

And so are you.

We have no choice.

Busy Philipps has a choice. She has a choice to treat her abortion(s) with sadness, not joy. She has the choice to speak of the horrible truth of abortions, not lie. She has the choice to respect elected leaders, not resort to childish, selfish posts on Instagram. Yet, she chooses to be selfish and childish.

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