Biden Falls Asleep During Maui Fire Victims Meeting (Watch!)

During a ceremony in Maui to honor those who had passed away, there was a moment when Biden appeared to briefly nod off.

Reflecting on his trip to Maui, several noteworthy moments emerged. Upon his arrival, Biden lightheartedly commented on the heat of the ground. As the visit progressed, Biden once again mentioned his late son, Beau Biden, and shared a debunked story about a house fire that had reportedly endangered his Corvette; however, this narrative was later found to have been ’embellished’ according to information provided by the fire department.

This entire situation has proven to be a significant setback for Biden. To begin with, he took several days before finally addressing the fire, even resorting to moments of “no comment.” It wasn’t until a complete two weeks had passed that he eventually made the trip to Maui. Yet, what is currently gaining the most attention from his Maui visit is the instance where Biden seemed to briefly doze off. This moment is now circulating widely, underscoring the series of unfortunate events during the 81-year-old President’s appearance in Maui, making it an overall disastrous showing.

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