Thursday Update: James Wood Trashes Biden For Afghan Failure ‘Taiwan Is Next’, John Rich Defends Carrie Underwood, Chuck Schumer Fails At Rapping

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We’re tracking the conservative culture clash with woke Hollywood hypocrites to keep you up to date on who’s winning and who we hate. 

Here’s what happened today:



Actor James Woods tore into President Biden for allowing the Taliban to overwhelm Kabul. 

“Taiwan is next. Biden’s cowardice in Afghanistan is like blood in the water to the sharks running communist China. They’ll devour him and spit out his dentures,” Woods tweeted Tuesday along with the hashtag #CowardBiden.

“The Taliban have an uncensored voice on Twitter, but the 45th President of the United States does not,” he went on. “Our current President will not answer questions the whole world is asking. We are truly lost.” 

“America deserves better,” he concluded

Rap Fail


Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer was mocked for attempting to rap at a Bronx hip-hop concert for New York City’s “Homecoming Week” on Monday.

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. set up the 70-year-old New York lawmaker, who was carrying a large plaque on stage, by asking: “You got some bars, Chuck?”

“I got the bars, I got the plaque, I got the music, we got it all!,” Schumer bellowed. 

Online critics jeered the cringeworthy performance. One tweeter replied “Probably the most disturbing thing I’ve seen today.” Another complained, “Please, make it stop.”



Big and Rich country singer John Rich came to the defense of “Jesus Take the Wheel” singer Carrie Underwood after she was criticized for liking a Twitter video where conservative commentator Matt Walsh slammed a Nashville School Board for mandating masks. 

“I say @carrieunderwood can like whatever tweet she wants to like. Who are ‘they’ to shout her down? Watch out, she’s a tough Okie gal:)” he wrote. “You see what’s going on here? It’s ‘freedom of speech unless you disagree with the mob.’ #CarrieTakeTheWheel.”



“Legally Blonde” star Jennifer Coolige said she would “love” to play Melania Trump in a biopic after Twitter users pointed out that they looked extremely similar. “Can’t wait to see Jennifer Coolidge in the role she was born to play: Melania,” posted one tweeter.

“What a compliment. Where do I sign?” Coolidge, 59, said in an interview. “Between you and I, though, I’m sure Melania would be bummed.”

“I’d love to go back to theater and do a serious play,” she continued. “And then the Melania biopic, of course.”



Garth Brooks announced that he’s canceling his stadium tour due to the surge of the delta variant. 

“In July, I sincerely thought the pandemic was falling behind us. Now, watching this new wave, I realize we are still in the fight and I must do my part,” he said in a statement. “But with a hopeful heart, we will reschedule and start over when this wave seems to be behind us.”

“I’m sincerely hoping we are back on tour before the year’s end,” the country star concluded.

Brooks had five shows left in his U.S. tour for the rest of 2021, including stops that were scheduled for Boston, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Charlotte, and Nashville.



Trump pardoned rapper Lil Wayne offered to provide the police officer that saved his life during a suicide attempt with financial assistance should he ever need it. 

Wayne revealed that at the age of 12, he intentionally shot himself in the chest, and former New Orleans police officer Robert Hoobler, who he refers to as “Uncle Bob,” came to his rescue.  

“When you have no one to vent to, no one to get this out to, you can’t bring it to your friends at school because you’re still trying to be cool to them,” he said of the event. “You’re not trying to let them know, ‘I got something going on at home.’”

Hoobler has not taken Wayne up on his offer, but is in talks to join his team in an administrative capacity.  



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle said that they were left “speechless” by the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul after the U.S. military withdrawal. Harry was deployed to Afghanistan twice during the time he served with the British Army.

“The world is exceptionally fragile right now. As we all feel the many layers of pain due to the situation in Afghanistan, we are left speechless,” they wrote in a joint statement. 

“When any person or community suffers, a piece of each of us does so with them, whether we realize it or not,” they continued. “And though we are not meant to live in a state of suffering, we, as a people, are being conditioned to accept it. It’s easy to find ourselves feeling powerless, but we can put our values into action — together.”

The royals encouraged readers to donate to various charitable organizations to help with the relief effort and urged world leaders to “rapidly advance the humanitarian dialogues” that are expected to take place at the G20 Leaders Summit and U.N. General Assembly in the fall.

“As an international community, it is the decisions we make now — to alleviate suffering among those we know and those we may never meet — that will prove our humanity,” they concluded.

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Janie Falgout
Janie Falgout
2 years ago

Dementia joe should resign or be impeached

2 years ago

good messages today! For all the readers here: This past july i read the book by Thurston Clarke entitled “Honorable Exit”. It was well written with excellent research. It named names and locations. Little did i know or expect that the words i was reading would be relevant 4 weeks later! The clamatic withdrawal from Vietnam is being repeated in live video.

Jane Stacy
2 years ago

biden and kamala need to be removed and thrown in jail

2 years ago

Please don’t be “Biden Stupid”


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