Mark Wahlberg’s Leap of Faith

Photo Credit Mark Wahlberg via Wikipedia Commons

Hollywood mainstay Mark Wahlberg took a bit of a risk. He spoke publicly about his faith in God. Some would consider this a cardinal sin in Hollywood, still others laud him for his bravery.

The well known Hollywood celebrity recently invited fans to pray the rosary with him. He extended the invitation to his 18 million followers on Instagram. “I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people who have been praying every day and finding peace. And especially sending wonderful messages about doing the Rosary with me on the Hallow app,”


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This isn’t the first time he made his faith public either. Back in April, he said that he wants to focus much more on making “faith based content.”

Christians in Hollywood feel like they can’t openly practice their faith without risking their careers. In an interview with Joe Rogan, Matthew McConaughey shared his own experiences in the fray. “I have had moments where I was on stage receiving an award in front of my peers in Hollywood, and there were people in the crowd that I have prayed with before dinners many times, and when I thanked God, I saw some of those people go to clap, but then notice that, ‘bad thing on my resume’ and then sit back on their hands.” McConaughey said that many Hollywood actors hide their faith for career progression and some simply out of fear. You can watch the full episode here

Mark Wahlberg, however, refuses to hide. He’s a Catholic and very devoted to his faith. He says that being a Catholic is the most important part of his life. Nothing is more important to him than being a devoted father, a good husband, and a good human being. Mark even makes a point to pray with as many other actors and crew members he can.

The following quote is from an interview with the Catholic Herald:

“Once I focused on my faith wonderful things started happening for me. And I don’t mean professionally – that’s not what it’s about. These days, I’ll be in church and people will come up to me and say: ‘Do you mind if I sit and pray with you?’ And they’ll start praying and it’ll turn out they’re praying for their new movie to be a success or whatever, and I’m like, this is not what I come here for. For me to sit down and ask for material things is ridiculous. It’s a much bigger picture than that. I want to serve God and to be a good human being and to make up for the mistakes I made and the pain I put people through. That’s what I’m praying for, and I recommend it to anybody.”

Either way, the man refuses to stay silent. His principles are more important to him than whatever he might risk by making them known. He stands as an example for believers everywhere to follow. Your faith is nothing to hide.

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