Man Arrested After Video Emerges Of Him Sucker Punching Philadelphia Eagles Tight End Dallas Goedert

A man from Florida was arrested after being accused of brutally sucker punching Philadelphia Eagles Tight End Dallas Goedert while he was out with his family at a restaurant in South Dakota.

Surveillance footage shows the brawl in which the man appears to know Goedert out cold.

As Fox News reports:

A Florida man was arrested for allegedly attacking Philadelphia Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert in a South Dakota restaurant on Friday night.

Kyle Douglas Hadala, 29, of Sarasota, Fla., was arrested and charged with misdemeanor simple assault, Aberdeen police said. Authorities didn’t name the victim, but the Argus Leader reported that the details of the incident line up with the report of Goedert getting sucker-punched while he was at dinner with his family.

“It was discovered that an adult male had been punched in the face. The male was transported to Avera St. Luke’s Hospital (in Aberdeen) where he was treated and released,” police said in a news release.

Goedert was taken to the hospital for further evaluation, but he appeared to be fine, and he didn’t suffer any injuries from the altercation.


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