All The Details On Rush Limbaugh’s $470 Million Divorce

Bombastic broadcaster Rush Limbaugh‘s fourth wife has been cheating on him with hunky young athletes — setting the stage for a $470 million divorce!

Family insiders have exclusively blown the lid off the blockbuster scandal to, claiming the 66-year-old windbag’s wife, Kathryn — a hot-blooded 40-year-old blond stunner — is currently two-timing the media motormouth with a married man!

“Kathryn has bounced around with a bunch of guys — mostly athletes,” the source claimed. “She’s also been with married guys. In fact, she’s still seeing one! She’s taken Rush’s plane to meet men, and even cheated while visiting her cancer-stricken dad in Massachusetts!”

Worse yet for Limbaugh, the controversial radio host has no prenup with Kathryn, leaving his massive $470 million fortune at risk!

“There was no prenup,” the insider confirmed. “Kathryn could walk away with an insane amount of money.”

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3 years ago

First insane women to gut her husband.