Watch: Biden Can’t Keep His Hands Off Weather Channel Reporter


Oh look, another hands-on approach from the Commander-in-Creep, President Biden! While skillfully dodging serious questions about declaring climate change a national emergency, he found time to launch a daring rescue operation on live television. The damsel in distress? A lowly bug, bravely exploring meteorologist Stephanie Abrams’ jacket. Watch the clip:

With the precision of a man who’s been accused of being overly touchy, Biden swiftly sent the critter packing. Abrams managed to steer the conversation back to something slightly more relevant – you know, like the fate of the planet.

But hey, at least the bug situation was handled with the grace and poise we’ve come to expect. Maybe next time, we’ll get to hear about those “social norms” he’s so keen to understand. Already done that, indeed.

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