Billionaire Mark Cuban Predicts Economy Will Bounce Back After Coronavirus Pandemic Is Over

Billionaire mogul Mark Cuban is now predicting that the US economy will stage a massive comeback after the Coronavirus pandemic is finally over. As The Daily Wire reports:

In an interview on the “Fox News Rundown” podcast, Cuban said he believes the pandemic will birth new companies and lead to innovative products that change the world for the better.

“That’s what makes America different. That’s what makes us unique,” he said. “We truly are a country of entrepreneurs. We have that spirit to go out and start companies, to be creative, to take risks.”

“There will be new products developed that really change the world,” Cuban continued. “That’s who we are as a country. And that’s why, as bleak as it can seem right now, and is horrific and tragic … we’ll get to the other side, I’m 100 percent certain and we’ll be different when we get there.”

When asked if Americans will be able to handle the price hike if manufacturing jobs in the U.S. increase, Cuban said that the consumers will determine that, adding that millennials are “a lot less price-sensitive than their parents and grandparents were in the past.”

Cuban also encouraged small buisness owners to take advantage of the massive and unprecedented $2 Trillion dollar stimulus bill that was passed by the Senate on Wednesday.

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