Celebrities are Still Urging People to Sign Up for Obamacare

Celebrities are pushing former President Barack Obama’s healthcare plan by urging people to sign up before the deadline on January 31st, even as president Donald Trump looks to change it.

Over the weekend, Lena Dunham stripped down to nothing and took a video while getting into a bathtub hoping to encourage people to sign up for the Affordable Care Act before the deadline on Tuesday.

“Hi, my name is Lena Dunham,” Dunham said. “And whether you like me or hate me I’m guessing you love health insurance and you have only three more days to sign up at healthcare.gov. Please go, get what’s yours, enjoy. NSFW.”

“Inspired by @captdope, here’s a commercial for HEALTH INSURANCE. http://Healthcare.gov – get what’s yours #pullthisad,” Dunham tweeted.

“I’m doing this little commercial because all the commercials for this very important issue have been pulled for some reason,” actress Ava DuVernay said. “The issue healthcare. It’s important that we have it. That we don’t let it get taken from us.”

“Lots going on. Don’t forget self-care. The deadline for open enrollment is January 31. Go to @HealthCareGov for info on how to #GetCovered,” DuVernay tweeted along with the commercial.

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