Colbert Tells Anderson Cooper It’s ‘Safe To Say’ That Trump Is A ‘White Nationalist’

Steven Colbert announced that he believes it’s “safe to say” that President Trump is a racist “white nationalist.” As Breitbart reports:

Stephen Colbert told CNN anchor Anderson Cooper that it’s safe to say President Donald Trump has endorsed the message of white nationalism, in an extended interview that aired on Thursday.

Asked if he believes the president is a “white supremacist,” Stephen Colbert said “He called himself a nationalist.” The late-night host pointed to comments Trump made last year in which the Washington Post quoted him as saying he wanted fewer people from “shithole” countries immigrating to the U.S. — but Colbert failed to mention the WaPo piece notingthat Trump also said “he would be open to more immigrants from Asian countries because he felt they help the United States economically.”

“I think it’s a fairly simple equation to say that is a white nationalist,” Colbert said, while failing to acknowledge that Trump wants people from Asian countries ranging from Israel to Yemen to Bangladesh, Afghanistan, and Japan, among dozens of others.

The former Comedy Central host went onto to say “It’s not like we’re indulging some madman,” when Cooper asked if Colbert thinks he spend too much time talking about President Trump on his CBS show.

It’s amazing that liberals like Colbert associate any sort of normal conservative policy like common-sense immigration reform as little more than racism. Yet another reason why their chances of winning the Presidential election in 2020 grow smaller every day.

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