Howard Stern Hit by IRS Lawsuit

Judith Barrigas had a question about her taxes, so she called the IRS.

The agency’s switchboard connected her with Agent Jimmy Forsyth. They spoke for almost 45 minutes on May 19, 2015, about a potential misapplication of her tax refund in 2014. It appeared the agency had applied her refund to outstanding liabilities from 2011 and 2012, even though she already had a repayment agreement in place.

Not exactly the stuff of thrilling radio.

At some point during that call, though, Barrigas’s phone began lighting up like a Skrillex concert. Phone calls and text messages began pouring in. Strangely, Barrigas didn’t recognize the numbers. It wasn’t until later that she solved the mystery.

Now, she’s suing the United States of America, shock-jock Howard Stern and the Howard Stern Production Company on grounds of unlawful invasion of privacy and negligence, among other things.

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