It’s Official! These Two Actors are Joining Forces to Run Against Trump—See the Video

After a week of addressing speculation that he might challenge Donald Trump for the presidency in 2020, actor Dwayne Johnson went ahead and made it official in his monologue during the 42nd season finale of Saturday Night Live.

Well, sort of. The Baywatch star and former wrestler welcomed fellow five-time SNL host Tom Hanks to the stage during his monologue, where the two jokingly revealed their plans to share a ticket in 2020, with Johnson quipping that he was perhaps “too qualified” for the job.

“Together, we would get 100 percent of the vote. I would get the senior vote, because I fought in World War II… in like ten different movies,” Hanks joked.

“And I of course would get the minority vote,” added Johnson. “Because everyone just assumes, I’m, well, whatever they are.”

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