Jane Fonda Advocates for a Wall

Jane Fonda, who was accused of aiding the enemy in Vietnam is back in the news. This time advocating for a wall to protect Mueller from the White House.

According to Fox News:

Actress Jane Fonda appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and advocated for a “wall,” but not one for the southern border.

“We need a wall. No, we do. We need a wall of every single citizen in the United States, a good wall that keeps the White House away from the Mueller investigation,” Fonda told the audience on Wednesday night.

“I got nervous for a second,” Jimmy Kimmel chuckled.

“And we have every single right to know what the results of that investigation is and if there’s some law that gives someone the right to edit the results, we have to change the law,” Fonda continued.

Fonda went on to call for marches and congressional advocacy to stop President Trump.

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