Kid Rock Getting Giant Statue for Property

Pro-Trump rocker Kid Rock is reportedly planning on installing a giant middle-finger statue on his Nashville property.

According to Fox News:

Kid Rock has made his reputation in part by being an iconoclast – one who raises a middle finger to society’s conventional ways of thinking and acting.

Now the 48-year-old rocker, who was born Robert James Ritchie, plans to plant a giant middle-finger sculpture on his Nashville property, according to reports.

Rock took inspiration from a Vermont man named Ted Pelkey who posted a similar sculpture on his own property, Taste of Country reported. Pelkey’s sculpture has since become a kind of tourist attraction, the report said, and has even inspired a Facebook page.

After hearing about Pelkey’s statue, Rock contacted the Vermont man, who put the musician in touch with the artist who created it, the report said.

Kid Rock has never been shy of creating controversy and he recently golfed with President Trump in Florida.

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