Kim Kardashian Tweets About Things ‘More Dangerous’ than Jihadists

Maybe President Trump should consider banning infants from leaving the maternity ward.

In a seeming response to Trump’s much-maligned travel order, Kim Kardashian hit up Twitter to post a list of statistics seeming to show the real dangers that face Americans. In a post published Saturday night and accompanied by the message “Statistics,” Kardashian offered a graphic detailing the number of Americans killed annually by various things.

“Islamic jihadist immigrants” made the list with an annual death toll of 2 (on a 10-year average). And, as Kardashian wrote, “All Islamic jihadist terrorists (including US citizens” also charted with 9 deaths per year. But there are, according to her tweet, far more dangerous menaces facing U.S. citizens.

Such as “Armed toddlers,” which according to Kardashian’s chart are responsible for 21 American deaths per year.

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