Lauren Boebert Booted From Denver Musical After Rep ‘Sang, Vaped And Took Photos On Her Phone’

On Tuesday, Colorado GOP congresswoman Lauren Boebert faced an embarrassing moment after she was kicked out out of a Beetlejuice performance at Denver’s Buell Theatre. She was removed for allegedly singing along during the show, vaping, and taking photos, which were all deemed inappropriate by theatre staff. Surveillance footage captured Boebert, dressed in a gold dress and heels, and an unidentified man being asked to leave. The lawmaker was seen taking a selfie and expressing frustration towards the staff as she exited.

Reports indicate that Boebert was warned about her behavior during intermission but continued her disruptions into the second act. Security officials approached her after receiving a complaint about noise and recording. The congresswoman later addressed the incident on social media, admitting to her removal and saying, “I plead guilty to laughing and singing too loud!” She also humorously asked followers to inform her how the show ends.

While the video doesn’t capture audio, an official report suggested that Boebert, upon being escorted to the lobby, made remarks like, “Do you know who I am?” and mentioned contacting the mayor. Police were summoned but left once Boebert and her companion departed the premises. Some staff members were visibly amused or shocked as the duo left.

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