Lost Clinton-Lewinsky Tapes To Be Released

A new documentary set to be released will shed new light on the Monika Lewinsky and Bill Clinton affair through never before aired tapes.

According to Fox News:

A new documentary series by the Smithsonian Channel attempts to shed light on the jaw-dropping impeachment crisis that rocked the Bill Clinton presidency and made a White House intern one of the most talked-about women in the world.

Featuring never-before aired tapes with Clinton confidant Taylor Branch, “The Lost Tapes” is sure to reignite the 20-year-old watershed scandal.

Branch made the recordings on his drive home from the White House late at night after meeting with a frustrated Clinton.

The episode, which is part of the “Lost Tapes” series, utilizes recordings featuring Monica Lewinsky, then 22, first-hand audio tapes of many of those involved in the political soap opera, and rediscovered news footage.

The documentary will focus on the backlash Lewinsky faced and how it affected her life after coverage of the scandal ended.

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