Man that Vandalized Trump’s Hollywood Star Pleads Not Guilty

James Otis, the man who destroyed Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Star, appeared in court this week and plead not guilty, according to TMZ.

Trump’s star was vandalized in late October by a man dressed as a construction worker using a pickax. Otis was captured on video destroying the star and later admitted to the act claiming he did it to bring attention to the women who accused Trump of sexual assault.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney charged Otis with one count of felony vandalism for his involvement in the incident. When Otis appeared in court this week, he entered into a not guilty plea agreement.

Otis faces up to a maximum three year sentence for the felony if found guilty. Defendants enter plea agreements all the time, but this is a curious strategy considering Otis is on video both destroying the star and admitting to it.

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