Terrified Liberal Bette Midler Demands Twitter Shut Down To Stop Trump

Ultra-liberal actress Bette Midler took to Twitter on Sunday to demand that the company’s owner, Jack Dorsey, either ban President Trump from Twitter or shut down the site completely in order to prevent him from being re-elected in 2020. As Breitbart reports:

Left-wing actress Bette Midler called on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to ban President Donald Trump from the social media platform “until the next election” in order to “improve the course of history.”

“Dear #JackDorsey, why don’t you help your country & the planet, by kicking #Trump off #Twitter? Or shutting down until the next election?” said Midler. “You’ve made more than enough money & Trump is strangling the free world w/his racist bile,” continued the actress in her tweet. “Be strong! You can improve the course of history!”

Bette Midler is not alone in her demands to ban the president from Twitter. In 2017, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill revealed that he donated to a campaign dedicated to buying the social media platform, which, if successful, would consequently lead to banning President Trump from Twitter.

More recently, in May, Women’s March activists delivered boxes of petitions to both of Twitter’s headquarters locations in New York City and San Francisco, calling on the company to ban the president from its platform.

Though the rapidly aging star is obviously living in fantasy land, it is clear that Midler and those like her are absolutely terrified of a conservative President like Trump winning a second term.

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