Thousands of Americans Plan to Moon Trump Tower in Chicago

More than 900 people have RSVP’d to a Facebook event called “Chicago Moons the Trump Tower,” with another 3,000 others expressing interest. The event is organized by Chicago-based comedy group S#!TSHOW.

Bailey Davis, an organizer of the event, explained “Certain things get people on their feet. Not everybody is going to watch 60 Minutes because they think it’s boring. If you ridicule [Trump] or make him feel like he’s the loser, that’s how he blows up. That’s what makes The Donald implode.”

The mass mooning (“Operation Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes!”) is being done in protest of Trump’s refusal to release his federal tax returns, which, The New York Times has speculated, he may not have paid in 18 years. The event will take place this Sunday at 3:30 PM CST.

In the wake of mass media attention for their mooning, S#!TSHOW has launched a fundraiser for injured veterans to coincide with the event:

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