Video Flashback: Today in 1964, The Beatles Had Their First Trip to the U.S.

On Friday 7th February, 1964, The Beatles landed at Kennedy airport and were immediately thrust into their now-legendary first press conference there. The place was heaving with rabid reporters, seasoned journalists and camera crews from all over the world.

From there, they took a limo to the Plaza Hotel, where they stayed during their time in NYC. The Beatles’ suite was a hub of activity – a place where they anticipated, prepared for and then relaxed after each of the milestone events that they were experiencing in such quick succession. They would await phone calls from journalists or to receive news of how their songs were doing in the charts; they gave in-person interviews, there, and watched themselves on television. Often, they would call into radio stations to request their favourite records.

Bit by bit, they were getting a sense of ‘America’. Still, they were tired. It had been a long trip – a long day. And George, it turns out, was coming down with flu.

See the video:

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