Watch: Nevada Ranger Plows Through ‘Anti-Capitalist’ Protest


On  Sunday, a group of climate activists opposing capitalism brought traffic to a halt leading to the Burning Man festival in Nevada. The demonstrators, part of the ‘Seven Circles’ group, blockaded a rural road with a trailer they fastened themselves to, displaying banners with messages such as “Burners of the World, Unite!”, “Abolish Capitalism”, and “General Strike for Climate.”

The situation escalated as rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department in Nevada forcefully removed the blockade, leading to the arrest of the protesters. A video, now going viral online, captures the moment:

The video also shows a tense confrontation between the activists and those attempting to attend the festival. A tribal officer is seen ordering a female protester to the ground at gunpoint while instructing her to stop resisting arrest. As the activists were apprehended, some were heard exclaiming, “we’re non-violent”, while others were visibly distressed.

The footage received widespread applause from both Americans and Britons, who commended the police for their decisive action against climate activists, whom they blame for causing disruptions worldwide in recent years.

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