Weinstein Jury Forced To View His Naked Photos After Accuser Claims He’s ‘Intersex’

The jury in the Harvey Weinstein case has foced to view naked photographs of the disgraced mogul which seemed to verifiy actress Jessica Mann’s allegations that Weinstein seemed to be ‘intersex’ and had no testicles. As The Daily Wire reports:

Following days of graphic testimony from former actress Jessica Mann, the jury in Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assault trial was forced to review five nude photos of the disgraced film producer that were taken by the Manhattan district attorney’s office after his 2018 arrest.

According to Page Six, the photos were shown to the jury Tuesday shortly after the DA photographer testified that the evidence accurately captured Weinstein’s body as it appeared at the time they were taken. The photos have seemingly been introduced to corroborate Mann’s previous allegation that Weinstein’s penis is accompanied by atypical genitalia.

One female Manhattan Supreme Court juror made a slight face when she saw the snaps, while another woman on the panel raised her eyebrows and a male juror opened his eyes widely.

The photos — including a full-frontal snap of Weinstein — were among 72 shots taken by a photographer for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office during its investigation into the criminal case.

The photos may play an important role in verifying Mann’s allegations against Weinstein.

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