Actress Reveals She’s ‘Queer’ After ‘LGBT’ Diversity Concerns Raised

Ultra-liberal actress Jameela Jamil announced that she was ‘Queer,’ although the strange timing of the annoucement had many observers wondering whether the move was entirely sincere. As The Daily Wire reports:

The day before her queer declaration, Jamil, who is in a relationship with singer James Blake, was swarmed with criticism concerning LGBTQ representation and her new gig as a judge on a vogueing TV show.

According to The Guardian, the new contest show set for HBO, called “Legendary,” is “based around the predominately black and Latinx subculture of drag balls in the LGBT community.”

Jamil, who was known as a straight woman until Wednesday, took flak for “taking” a role from a deserving member of the community around which the show is based…

Jamil’s response, apparently, was to come out as queer.

Jamil claimed that she had been keeping her ‘Queer’ identity a secret. The actress has also been an outspoken advocate of abortion.

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