Alyssa Milano and Adam Baldwin Face Off Over ‘Take Care Of Your Mother’ Tweet

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Actors Alyssa Milano and Adam Baldwin clashed on social media when she claimed it’s misogynistic for fathers to tell their sons to “take care of your mother while I’m gone.” 

The “Charmed” star tweeted, “Can we stop saying to our sons things like: “take care of your mother while I’m gone,” last week. 

“This is insinuating that women can’t take care of ourselves,” she wrote. “And it’s bulls–t.”

“The Last Ship” star raked Milano over the coals for her hot take on the phrase. 

“The only thing it might “insinuate” to women who can actually take care of themselves is a fatherly sense of familial love & duty encouraged to sons staying behind on the homefront while dad’s away,” Baldwin replied on Saturday. “Regular healthy women aren’t offended by this.”

Actor Matthew Modine pointed out that it’s not just boys that father’s tell to watch out for their mothers. 

“I say this to my daughter,” The “Stranger Things” star wrote

The Twitterverse’s backlash to Milano’s woke insight was so severe, she eventually turned off the post’s comments.

“Men are wired to protect. It’s innate. The fact that a husband and son want to take care of you means you have value and they cherish you,” one man wrote.” People like you want to make every great thing seem insulting. Women are incredibly valuable and worth protecting. Men acknowledge that.”

“God forbid that people ask families to…act like families,” another replied.

The “Sorry Not Sorry” podcaster doubled down on her comment over the weekend. 

“Apparently, I trended on Twitter today for tweeting that saying things to our sons like: “take care of your mother,” implies to the son that women are incapable of taking care of themselves,” Milano wrote on Saturday. 

“The fact that this recognition of innate misogyny trended is part of the problem,” she added. 

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1 year ago

Healthy women are not threatened by healthy men, but apparently myandristic women feel threatened when men treat them with respect.

Michael Roland Mitchell
Michael Roland Mitchell
1 year ago

She’s Hollywood Elite. What do you expect from them? They don’t respect anything or anybody. Just their crazy crusades over anything that they can think of or fabricate. Most of this is done by them because they crave attention and any benefits that may go with it. Phony as Hell!!!! And we all know that having a functioning brain is not a requirement to be a Democrat or a Liberal!!!!!!!!!!

1 year ago