Lily Tomlin Believes The World Cares About Ukrainian Because It’s A ‘White European Country’

By Greg Hernandez from California, CA, USA - Kathy Griffin, Lily Tomlin, CC BY 2.0,

“Grace and Frankie” star Lily Tomlin claims that the media has paid attention to the Ukrainian invasion because it’s a “white European country,” but would have been quick to dismiss the crisis if it happened in a country “of color.” 

The former “Murphy Brown” actress lamented on how culture and comedy have evolved since she started out in the 1970’s.

“People are more conscious about misogynistic jokes or homophobic jokes or racial slurs,” she said in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. “Those [jokes] are just expressions of anger and fury and dislike and propaganda to separate groups and individuals.”

Tomlin shared a theory that the world only cares about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because of the nation’s skin tone. “I don’t know how well-founded this is, but as tragic as Ukraine is, you think of it as a white European country,” she posited.  

“I think of the people in Haiti and in all the countries of color where terrible things happened and not as many people responded, and it was not as widely spread in the press,” Tomlin concluded. “There was just an embrace of the Ukrainian people and a dismissal of people of color in other countries.”

The liberal “West Wing” actress has never shied away from voicing her opinion, particularly on politics.  

“It’s important that we express ourselves to the people who have assumed power and express ourselves in a vehement, loving way, so they know at least people are watching, people are caring about what they do, and they are disapproving, or they’re approving,” she told the outlet in a 2017 interview.  

“You’ve got to hold the feet to the fire,” Tomlin continued. “You’ve got to do something, but you don’t want to do anything that is too divisive. You’ve got to find a way to speak that reaches people, stops people or slows them down at least.”

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9 months ago

Right, Lily…we would never help out countries like South Korea, South Viet Nam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, or Taiwan. I find it interesting that only racists seem to view the world through melanin tinted glasses.

Joseph C Myers
Joseph C Myers
9 months ago

What a freakin CREEP !

Michael Roland Mitchell
Michael Roland Mitchell
9 months ago
Reply to  Joseph C Myers

Exactly. She and her buddies Bette Midler and Hanoi Jane Fonda never know when to shut up. If they ever had kept their mouths shut, nobody would ever have realized how stupid they are!