‘Law And Order’ Writer Fired After Vowing To Defend His Home Against Looters

A writer for the hit show ‘Law and Order’ was fired by its creator, Dick Wolf, after he posted pictures to Instagram in which he vowed to “light up looters” if they attempted to attack his property.

As Fox News reports:

Dick Wolf fired writer Craig Gore after he threatened to “light … up” looters in West Hollywood, Calif.

On Monday night Gore, who worked on the upcoming Christopher Meloni-led “Law & Order” spinoff series, wrote in a now-deleted Facebook post, “Sunset is being looted two blocks from me. You think I won’t light mother——s up who are trying to f— [with] my property I worked all my life for? Think again…”

He also posted a photo of himself holding a large weapon.

“I will not tolerate this conduct, especially during our hour of national grief. I am terminating Craig Gore immediately,” Wolf told Fox News in a statement on Tuesday.

Has America now descended into such moral madness that you can be fired merely for stating you will protect your life and property from looters?


  1. Wolf, A-hole that he s, probably lives in a home with professional neighborhood security. He doesn’t care in his employees home is burned to the ground because he considers himself “woke”. Here’s hoping that he gets his….well-deserved reward.

    • Never watched it and will make I never do. Let’s not support people who support criminal action. I WILL protect my property.

  2. FBI report 3 million applications in May from first time hand gun buyers. There’s millions of Americans who aren’t going to allow looting or destructive behavior in their neighborhoods.

  3. If Gore was fired for saying that he would protect his family and his property he should sue
    Wolf for everything he has. Boycott Hollyfornication, complete and totally corrupt leftist liberals pretenders that fuel the fire of hatred and divisions in our country and lots of them are complicit to the destruction of our society and our Republic, should and must be investigated.

  4. Guess I dont watch that show anymore. Wait till his home gets looted and burned. But he probably lives in a gated community next to Pelosi and Schiffty

  5. Typical. CEO probably in a gated armed security. The program protests cops and weapons, or maybe his to busy going to the bank. No more support of program’s sponsors.

    • Since I no longer watch the show, can someone post the sponsors of this garbage. I gave up on them when all of their programming was liberal tripe.

  6. I used to be a fan of Law and Order and Wolf, but from this moment on I will NOT be a fan or a viewer of anything Wolf has anything to do with. I will also make sure everyone I know is aware that Wolf has denied a job to a long time employee because the man made a statement that he would use the 2nd Amendment to protect his life and property. This is outrageous coming from someone who is the creator of the show “Law and Order”. Very UnAmerican! If Wolf doesn’t like our laws then maybe he should to another country that suits his ideals of what law is. I will BOYCOTT ALL SPONSORS OF ANY OF HIS SHOWS.

    • As I posted above, would you post who their sponsors are. Problem is they are usually large companies that one man’s boycott does not go very far. Also, besides the “Law and Order” franchise, do you know what else this Richard is involved in?

  7. It is idiots like Wolfe that cause the problems like we have in the country. Time to stop watching his crap on tv.

  8. Wolf must be a DemoRAT to fire a man who only wants to protect his family and his property from the DemoRat sponsored riots that are spreading across our nation. May the rioters destroy his property and scare the hell out of his family. See how he would like that.

    • What a total Scumbag Wolfe is. That Gentlemen has a right to protect his home and family. I guess he never learned about the Law after all his writing and shows about the Law. Since he has made his mind up so have i. Law and Order as well as anything he is involved with is no longer allowed to be watched in my home. Plus any and all products that I can remember that had commercials during those shows will no longer be purchased by myself or my family. Welcome to yet another Hitler in Holly

  9. Mr Gore should sue this Mr. Wolf needs to be taken to the cleaners for firing a person who said he would defend his property, that is every Americans right.

  10. I watched Law & Order and the SVU program, more than 456 and 434 episodes, respectively. But with this news, I’ve seen my last one and anything else created by Wolf. I’d guess he has sufficient funds to continue a lavish lifestyle after his creations are gone.

    I’d also guess the new SVU spinoff will be gone when the one season contract ends. I hope the army of employees who still depend on the programs can find other work. I doubt that many of the hundred million arms owners will find the stomach to watch Wolf’s stuff after this little snit.

  11. Looks like Wolf would prefer a pledge to kneel meekly for execution if attacked by criminals. Hey Wolf, show us how to do that!

  12. Wolf evidently does not believe anything that his shows seem to stand for…or maybe he just doesn’t believe in a man’s right to protect what he has worked for. That being the case I believe he should peddle his wares in a country where there are no private property rights…

  13. Lawsuit time; A Free Speech lawsuit against Wolf by Gore. Good Luck Mr. Gore, it would have been handled differently if you were a man of color (I’m Hispanic and could have stated that with no reprisal). But I, like yourself, as well would be protecting my family and home.

  14. I will not watch Law and Order again. Every person has the right to defend what is theirs and what they have worked for. It is not right for these criminals bro take it away and destroy it. One looters admitted on camera that he did it for the “dough.” It has nothing to do with an injustice.

  15. Any boss that fires someone just because he doesn’t agree with him is a real Dickhead. Law and Order has been a top program for many years and i will bet it was the writers that caused this.

  16. Does this mean Dick Wolf would welcome looters to his home. They just have to get through the electric fence, land mines and the quicksand. Don’t want any of those nasty guns at his place.

  17. If Mr Gore was under contract, he has a valid legal claim to be paid normally through the termination date of said contract. A good lawyer will also sue for “anguish”, mental/emotional stress, and possible violation of his right to the First Amendment. Wolf would settle out of court for a couple mil. I’d like to take the case. 33% of a couple mil for a few phone calls to Wolf’s attorneys….easy money.

  18. We don’t need no stinking “Law and Order.” So much for “Law and Order” if it means actually laying down the law and restoring order when leftist anarchists are rioting.

  19. White people are so cowered by being called a racist that they pander to the blacks and look for every opportunity to turn against whites to please the blacks. The Sharpten’s and Jacksons have done their job well. In today’s world calling someone a racist is akin to calling someone a rapists or murderer.

    I applaud the black people who don’t fall for the media brainwashing. They look at a persons as a human being and not white, black, Asian etc. It makes me sick to see a white person turn against his own race for brownie points.

  20. It would be a real shame if Mr. Wolf’s home were to be looted and burned by these terrorists while his armed security guards were eating lunch. Actually, it would be karma.

  21. You would think Wolf would be aware of the crimes committed by the Domestic Terrorists and the “cover” for them, provided by their “useless idiot mobs” who think they are participating in a “peaceful demonstrations”, complete with Thugs, weapons and bricks.

  22. Dick Wolf
    Well, he appears to be a real dick.
    Firing someone who verbalised defending his property?
    Maybe dick should change his name to little dicky wolfer.

  23. I’ve been boycotting TV and the Movies for decades!!! Hollyweird names come up on news sites and I have no idea who they are, never heard of them before. it’s great, I don’t need communists in my life.

  24. All looters, want the good stuff, go to Hollywood and maybe there’ll welcome you in and while you rob them they’ll give you coffee and cake. Have fun raiding the RICH.

  25. Why do fools post this type of inflammatory shit? If you are going to defend your property just keep your mouth shut and do it, don’t advertise it. You work in sissy land (CA) and you should know the way these idiots think. Posting stuff like this with a picture is just asking for trouble. You should know that these girly men can’t stand the thought of you defending yourself and your loved ones and your property with a scary looking firearm. Bet they have armed protection where they live though, even if they are not brave enough to do it themselves.

  26. Mr. Wolf are you going to get me fired cause like Mr. Gore, I will defend my home and family to the bitter end. Oops, I forgot, I am retired and I damn sure don’t live anywhere near Cal. I totally agree with Mr. Gore. I think the cops need to light up the rioters, looters and arsonist.

  27. hypocrisy, thy name is dick wolf. law and order? hello? how about the right to free speech? hello? virtue signal, but reality fail. perhaps we should have nbc universal fire dick wolf and all of his shows. . .

    on a related note, dick wolf sounds like one of those porn names. . .

  28. How wring can this be? Firing someone who has every right to protect their self, their family, and their home. What has the nation become? A nation where rioter and looters have more rights than citizens? The Liberal Left has definitely gone off the deep end of reality? If my home is attacked by looter or someone with a fire bomb, they better accept being shot. I see the firing of this man a violation of his civil rights. I do care if it may be Political Correct to fire him, but he has every right to protect what is dear to him.

  29. Time to hit the dark web and fill in the details of where wolf lives, phone numbers, types of cars and other valuables, type of alarm system…

    Don’t forget to state he doesn’t like people with guns to defend themselves, so there’s a good chance he won;t have any as well.

  30. I hope a lawsuit is coming for wrongful termination, violation of 1st amendment rights, etc. And I hope pays out big time. Apparently he equates protesters with looters. What a jerk

  31. Well, boys, here is an interesting piece of information. Mr. Wolf will not be defending himself, his property or his family. You know what to do!


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