Comedian Kathy Griffin Says Leftist Female Movie Execs Are Guilty Of ‘Casual Misogyny’

Wikimedia Commons, By nrkbeta

Democratic comedian Kathy Griffin took aim at the liberal women running Hollywood for promoting “casual misogyny” after they have risen to the top of the food chain. 

Griffin said that her own party is responsible for casual misogyny, which she claimed was “extremely dangerous because it tends to come from the left.” 

“There are women who, to be super powerful, have to act like the dude,” she detailed. “I don’t know Jennifer Salke [the head of Amazon Studios], but what I hear about her is kind of scary.”

Griffin explained that the cursory contempt of women by their own gender is a widespread phenomenon in Hollywood. 

“I don’t know any executives that are women that don’t have maybe a little casual misogyny,” she continued. “They can be lethal because sometimes they’ll just cut you off and then quietly tell all the other guys that you’re a bitch.”

Griffin specifically called out liberal media network CNN, which she was fired from in 2017 for tweeting a photo of herself holding a paper mache replica of former president Trump’s severed head. 

“I’m hopeful that the network will get better, because there’s a real bro culture over there,” she remarked. “And when I say bro culture, as a woman, I’ve got to include men of color, gay men, white men.” 

“If they get away from the kind of leadership that Jeff Zucker used over there, then they’re only going to get better,” Griffin continued. “If they just put a woman at the helm—and not a corporate woman that’s been doing what Jeff wants—which has never happened, I think that’s going to change stuff pretty quickly.”

Zucker resigned from his position as CNN’s president in February, after a probe into ex-anchor Chris Cuomo revealed that he had not disclosed a romantic relationship with network vice president Allison Gollust.

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