Megyn Kelly Destroys Disney Over ‘Gay Agenda’ Staff Videos

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Megyn Kelly blasted the Disney executives who broke down their “not-at-all secret gay agenda” to inject LGBTQ+ content into children’s programming.   

“So Disney and she have apparently made clear that they are going to be putting as many LGBTQIA+ in as many Disney movies as possible,” Kelly remarked. 

“That they want these characters to become ubiquitous in the Disney movies, and I think that is totally unnecessary and out of line,” she continued. “I don’t want you to work out your wokeism on my kid, okay? Do a movie that teaches tolerance, kindness, support for your fellow human beings.”

In one of the videos that were reportedly leaked from an “all-hands” staff meeting at the Mouse House, executive producer Latoya Raveneau said she was “basically adding queerness to” the children’s show Proud Family, “wherever I could.” 

“Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to like, my like, not-at-all secret gay agenda,” Raveanu remarked. “I felt like..maybe it was that way in the past, but I guess, like, something must have happened.”

Kelly is definitely not on-board with Disney’s new direction. “Don’t shove two-spirit people, which by the way is not a thing, and pansexual—I had to look it up, you know what that means?” Kelly questioned. 

“It means you’re attracted to everybody. So you’re bi, I guess. That’s not a thing; that’s already a thing; they already have a letter,” she continued. “I’m sorry, but please, all these glommers who just want attention, it’s a new thing!”

Disney strongly objected to the Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signing the Parental Rights In Education Bill into law on Monday, which is a reversal from CEO Bob Chapek’s decision to remain neutral earlier in the month. 

After outrage from company owned brands and employee walkouts, Disney has taken a hard left to kowtow to woke liberals. 

At the same meeting, top executives said that the theme parks will be discontinuing the use of “ladies and gentlemen” along with “boys and girls” to greet park goers in an effort to promote gender inclusion.  

“Beware, you beware. Don’t put a Disney movie on in front of your kid before you fully come to understand what it’s going to be promoting, who it’s going to be starring and what agenda they’re pushing. They’re no longer the Disney of yesterday,” Kelly concluded.

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Michael Roland Mitchell
Michael Roland Mitchell
2 years ago

I am sure that Walter Elias Disney is turning over in his grave at what has happened to the company that he guided in a completely moral direction for so many years. To Hell with Disney now. They are the agents of evil and should be taken down immediately!