NASCAR Driver Forced to Attend ‘Sensitivity Training’ After Sharing ‘Family Guy’ Clip

Wikimedia Commons, By Roger Blake

NASCAR driver Denny Hamlin has now been forced to attend sensitivity training after sharing a clip from the popular TV show ‘Family Guy’ to his Twitter account.

As The Daily Wire reports:

In a now-deleted tweet, Hamlin posted a “Family Guy” clip, which depicts an Asian woman cutting across multiple lanes without putting on her turn signal. According to CBS Sports, the tweet was intended to make fun of NASCAR driver Kyle Larson, who caused a crash at last weekend’s race at Talladega Speedway.

Larson, who is half-Japanese, caused Kurt Busch and Bubba Wallace to crash at the end of the race after attempting to pass the race leader on the final lap. Busch and Wallace both race for 23XI, which is co-owned by Hamlin.

Hamlin deleted the initial tweet and apologized on Monday.

“I took down a post I made earlier today after reading some of the comments,” Hamlin said. “It was a poor choice of memes and I saw how it was offensive. It came across totally wrong. I apologize.”

NASCAR announced on Tuesday that Hamlin would have to begin his sensitivity training by the end of the week.

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1 year ago


Arlene Galambos
Arlene Galambos
1 year ago

People are to sensitive. I am a kraut and have a good dose of Neanderthal in my DNA who cares? I think the chemicals in our food is making everyone crazy.